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Have you gone grocery shopping lately?  The price of food has skyrocketed.  I am having to go up on some things because of this.  I hope you understand.  

Whole Hog Express


Due to the increase of food and supply prices we must go up on our prices effective January 1st, 2018.  We have not had a price increase in five years but our supplies certainly have increased.

Our Menu and Individual Food Prices:

All of our meals include:  Sauces, Paper plates, cutlery, cups, ice, tea, napkins and bread.

All plates include two side items as well as homemade peach cobbler.  If you do not wish to have the peach cobbler you may substitute an additional vegetable in its place or deduct .50 per plate

Half of Chicken plate                                                        7.00

7 ounce boneless, skinless lemon pepper chicken breast      7.00

Pulled pork plate                                                             7.50

Combination chicken and pork plate                                  8.00

Combination rib and chicken plate                                   10.50

Rib Eye steak plate (10 ounce)                                       12.00     (larger size available)


Side items:  Baked beans, Green beans, Slaw (mayonnaise or mustard), Potato salad, Baked potato (butter and sour cream included), Garden salad (ranch and thousand island dressing included), ear of corn (the small frozen ears) Potato Chips (individual bag)


Individual Prices:


One half of BBQ chicken             4.00                                Baked Beans          16.00 per gallon

Pork per pound                         7.50                                Potato Salad          2.00 per pound

Baby back Ribs (slab)              14.00                                Slaw                      16.00 gallon

Rib Eye Steaks                           1.00 per ounce                  Baked Potato                   2.00            

7 ounce boneless breast            3.00                                 Ear of corn             .60 per ear

Our Famous Whole Hog              Call for details                  White Sauce            18.00 per gallon

Boston Butt (7 to 9 pound)                    35.00                                                   5.00 per quart

Turkeys and Hams Seasonal                                                                            2.50 per pint

Hamburger Steak (8 ounce)            3.00


We also do hamburgers and hotdogs both on site grilling and delivered already cooked. Call for prices and availability.

We are a small business and there are several people who help me out with my business.  They must be paid each week so I ask that you pay for your meal or food when you receive it.  Unpaid help tends to not be as cooperative as paid help.


Rickey Hannah


Contact me if you have any questions.