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Our Fundraiser


 Price Change Effective January 1st., 2018
Cost will go from $5.00 to $6.00 per plate due to rising cost of food and supplies.  We have not had a price increase since 2014.  If you have checked the price of food you know what I am talking about.
We here at Whole Hog Express are happy to give back to our Shoals area non-profit organizations.  We have assisted many churches, schools and athletic teams raise money over the past several years.  We offer the following fundraiser:

·         A half of BBQ chicken

·         A serving of potato salad or an individual bag of chips

·         A serving of baked beans

·         A dinner roll

·         A carryout tray

·         The picnic pack with the fork and napkin included

·         White sauce

·         Cups and lids for the white sauce

We will bring this to you in bulk containers and you assemble the plates at your convenience.  All food will be delivered in compliance to health department temperatures and it will be your responsibility to insure the safety of the food following delivery.

The cost for this meal to you is $6.00 per plate. (New Price)  You may sell the plates for whatever you choose to sell them for.  We only bring what you order.  Most people pre-sell their tickets and some add a few for walk up customers.  If you choose to sell tickets you must provide them.  We offer this fundraiser 7 days a week.

We do ask that you pay us for the food upon delivery.  This is a very small profit item for us and we do not need to have our money tied up for a period of time.  I have to pay my employees and purchase my supplies.