Whole Hog Express
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365 Sockwell Lane

Leighton, Alabama 35646


Rickey Hannah- Owner

Providing quality bar-b-q chicken, pulled pork, ribs, steak and yes our famous whole hog with down home service and reasonable prices throughout North Alabama and surrounding areas.  We take pride in our food and our service and our goal is to satisfy you, the customer.  All of our meat is cooked over direct heat from hickory coals that are produced from burning hickory wood and placed in the pits under the meat.  We use no gas or any other means of cooking our meat.  Our meat is cooked the old fashioned way and with a lot of hard work.  We order our meat fresh daily and never use any meat that is on sale in a grocery store.  You will always deal with me, the owner and the buck stops with me.  I will make sure you are happy if you are the type of person who can be made happy.

August 21, 2017
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